Best Carp Lake In Poland

Goslawice Carp Lake is the best carp fishery in Poland with stock over 2500 carp, where 140 of them weight over 20kg/44lbs. Lake record is 30.6kg/67lbs!

Located in Konin (Poland), near the A2 Highway (leading straight from Germany). Only ~340 kilometers from Berlin Airport and only 100 kilometers from Poznań Airport .
Only ~6hour drive from ferry port in Hamburg!

Surface: 38 hectares, 20 two person swims, large space for two anglers, boat on every swim, you can also rent electric motor for your boat

Stock: ~2500 fish, 140 fish over 44lbs (over 20kg), 5 fish over 60lbs

Bottom: weedy (spring: almost no weed, summer: a lot of weak weed)

Depth: 1,2-3,5 meter

If it is your first fishing trip to Poland, this lake (Gosławice Lake) is a must see:

  • European standards, catch & release only
  • The most popular lake by foreign anglers. The lake has been visited by anglers from all over Europe, including Denmark, Great Britain, Sweden, Netherland and even Spain!
  • Secured, closed area with all facilities needed (including electricity, toilets, shower)
  • Great 2 angler pegs (stage) – over 20m2 platforms
  • Grocery store in close vicinity, no need to even leave your peg:  lake staff can drive you to shop or you can give them a shopping list!
  • You can also buy a bait for feeding (great quality pellet and boilies) 

Watch our latest footage with a special guest Andy MacGregor! (Team Dynamite Baits and Team Korda Spain, World Carp Classic Competitor) with a massive 50 pounder (22,2kg!!):

Here you can watch Goslawice Lake promoting video below:

And here you can even watch all swims and decide where do you want to fish:


Click here to check other pictures in gallery:


To make the booking as easy and efficient as possible, some rules have been established:

At present we are issuing permits for 7-day sessions (Sunday to Sunday). 

The wives of the anglers who purchase the permits are admitted to the fishery at no extra charge.

The anglers can fish three rods at maximum.

The rules for reservation:

A reservation of a swim applies to two people fishing on a platform.

The swims may be reserved via phone, Monday to Friday, 8am – 3pm, on 0048 512 891 374.

Payment is due in advance by bank transfer. Our bank account details are:

IBAN Number (International Bank Acct No):
PL 02 2030 0045 1110 0000 0400 5490
SWIFT Number: 

Please include your first name and surname, address, reservation date and the number of the chosen swim in the description of the payment and ensure that the payment is made in euros.

Please send a payment confirmation within 24 hours to

The person who has made the payment but cannot turn up at the specified time is allowed to appoint replacement – please contact the bailiff on 0048 508 133 700.

The price of 7 day permit is 1000 PLN a person.

Click here to read more about Lake Rules: